Intro to: Strategic Management For Hospitality And Tourism

Are you an owner of an establishment in the hospitality and tourism industry? Do you manage a hotel or a restaurant and want to increase the quality of the business? Would you like to create better management decisions that would bring in more customers and increase your profit? If so, this course is perfect for you.


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Strategic Management For Hospitality And Tourism

Strategic management for hospitality and tourism combines tried-and-tested management strategies, with effective marketing techniques, decision-making skills, and human resource management in the context of the hospitality and tourism industry. All of these will be learned together with the emerging issues affecting the industry today.

In this interesting and helpful course, students will learn to better manage business processes involved in the hospitality and tourism industry, ensuring an increase in exposure and profit and an improvement in operations.

Course Syllabus

  •   Unit 1 - Introduction to Strategic management
  •   Unit 2 - Formation of Strategy
  •   Unit 3 - Implementing Strategy
  •   Unit 4 - Different types of Strategy
  •   Unit 5 - Strategy context