Project Control

Do you have an upcoming project that needs you to maximize your project control through costs and scheduling? Are you interested in developing your project control knowledge and skills? Would you like to improve your project performance by dedicating project control systems? Then this is the perfect course for you.

Business knowledge for IT in Islamic

Islamic banking and finance has been continuously growing for the past decades and is expected to grow in the coming years. This growth can be achieved by Islamic finance businesses if there is a successful regulation of quality and services cultivating the demand and supply factors of the industry.

Certificate Course in Digital Market

To be able to sell products or services to customers, businesses must communicate the value of what they can offer. This is marketing, an essential step to sales. Indeedn, without marketing, sales will probably not occur.

Effective PR

Public Relations are strategic communication processes that bring together individuals and organizations with the public. Having an effective PR positively impacts the operations and plans of the organization and influences or changes the informed public’s opinion.

Introduction to investment banking

Financial literacy is one of the most obscure aspects of human knowledge, especially for people who do not work in the financial world. However, knowing how to manage and grow one’s money is an important skill.

Introduction to HTML

Today, businesses are moving their marketing and advertising strategy online. A strong presence on the Internet can mean the success or failure of a business venture or an advocacy. Websites, therefore, are essential.

Introduction to Private Equity

Would you like to complement your knowledge in traditional stock and bond portfolios with a variety of investment techniques and strategies? Would you like to know and offer investors the opportunity to generate higher total returns and improve diversity of their portfolio? Take this course and you’ll learn that private equity is the answer to your investment inquiries.

Digital Marketing Strategies

The use of electronic media to engage with other individuals is a continuously growing market. Take advantage of the communication and internet revolution to market your products and reach your target audience. Make your company successful online by developing and implementing strategic activities that engage your audience.

Social Media Marketing

Are you interested in marketing through social media? Are you currently a Social Media Digital Marketer and would like to expand your skill set? Then this course is ideal for you.This extensive course can teach you how to plan, execute or measure social media marketing campaigns.

Telesales Expert

More and more companies are now increasing customer portfolio and penetrating new markets by selling successfully through telephone. This telephone sales training course could be for relatively new or for professional telesales agents who may need to refresh their telephone selling core skills or who have had no formal training yet.

Diploma in Economics

Economics is the indepth study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods. In order for an economy to prosper, it is important that these three facets be balanced. Thus, Economics is essential not only in securing the financial foundations of a nation, but in improving businesses, be they small-scale, medium-scale, or large-scale.

International Corporate Finance

International Corporate Finance is the application of modern financial theories in the global financial world. In order to grow, companies shall have to put themselves in the international market. However, to succeed, such step would require financial management based on the global financial trends.


Do you have a collection of images, photos or videos you’d like to share? Do you like sharing short stories, poems or quotes? Would you like to share your interests in a way that would be accessible to a wide range of audience? All these and more, you can do through the hosting platform that helps you easily create free websites and blogs:

Excel Office Course

Whether it is in the business world, in government or in non-government organisations, Microsoft Excel has been the staple computer spreadsheet application. It is used to create organised databases, perform fundamental statistical analyses, and aid in presentation of data through graphs and charts.

Microsoft Word 2013

Not just the basic, Microsoft Word may well be the most important of all Microsoft applications, as this is the entry application to all the other Microsoft Office app. A word processor, the Microsoft Word is the most used application by students and professionals alike. This is used in schools, in organizations, in government, and practically anywhere in the corporate world.

Microsoft Visio 2013

A recent addition to the Microsoft Office family, Microsoft Visio is a program used to create graphs, diagrams and vector graphics for data presentation purposes. This is a very good tool in presenting complex data because such visuals can simplify perplexing numbers to something more easily understood.

Power Point 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint is an office program developed by Microsoft specifically for presentation purposes. Commonly used by speakers in both the professional world and in academe. PowerPoint is a tried and tested tool in any setting which requires visual aids. Despite being commonly used, however, the PowerPoint is often not utilised most effectively.

Microsoft Publisher 2013

Focused on how texts and pictures are presented, the Publisher offers users a whole range of layouts and effects to choose from. With Publisher, one can create flyers, brochures, calendars, business cards, news letters, and so much more. Students and professionals alike can benefit from knowing how to use Microsoft Publisher.

Windows 7 and 8

This vis-a-vis course shall focus on the uses of new features for each OS, while highlighting comparisons and contrasts. The aim of this course is to allow students to (1) utlilize effectively whichever OS they are currently using and (2) allow the students to choose to either change or retain the OS they're currently using.

Strategic Management For Hospitality And Tourism

Are you an owner of an establishment in the hospitality and tourism industry? Do you manage a hotel or a restaurant and want to increase the quality of the business? Would you like to create better management decisions that would bring in more customers and increase your profit? If so, this course is perfect for you.

Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking is banking that is complaint with the Sharia, with consideration for the development of Islam economies. A modification of conventional banking practices, Islamic banking also aims to the make money by lending out capital. Some of the activities of conventional banking, however, have been omitted from Islamic Banking.

Anger and Aggression Management Practitioner

Anger is a common emotion experienced by all. We have a general knowledge of what anger is and how it feels like to be angry. Anger could be a normal and healthy emotion, but it can also be destructive. Frequent, misplaced and explosive anger could lead to problems which have serious consequences for your relationships at home or at work, for your health, and for the overall quality of life.

Dyslexia therapist

Dyslexia is a developmental disorder wherein a person with normal or above-average intelligence has difficulty learning to read and difficulty in comprehending language. Being a dyslexia therapist allows you to assist individuals with dyslexia and related disorders in learning. You will be able to support them in discovering various learning methods that can fit their thinking and learning style. Achieving this will assist their learning academically and help them be more efficient in reading and writing

Teaching Children with Learning Difficulties

This course is useful for students who want to create a difference for a child who has a learning difficulty. Also, professionals interested in bridging the gap between learning difficulties and learning can benefit from this course.

Project Management Analysis

This course is useful for students who love to analyze details until a culmination of a certain project. Also, professionals interested in furthering their studies can benefit from this course.

Business Relationship Management

This course is useful for students wants to be a middle man to ensure a satisfying transaction. Also, professionals interested in continuing their education can benefit from this course.