Our History

Skill Study was founded with the vision of aiding professional growth and development through training. Skill Study was founded on the principle of providing learners an alternative means to training: by studying online. With an impressive roster of industry experts to provide the technical content of its training programs and educational experts to utilise only the best learning methods, Skill Study has helped thousands of professionals improve their capabilities as employees, employers, and entrepreneurs since 2010.

Skill Study offers a wide range of courses which focus mainly on developing business skills, financial knowledge, and IT capabilities. Its multi-level approach to training means that regardless of a professional’s competency in these areas, learning is still possible. The courses themselves are progressive and learners can choose to start with easier topics before moving to more complex ones. Course materials have been developed by experts in thier field, ensuring that learners find it efficient and effective.

Passion for helping professional learners, expert program development team, and technical edge applied in distance education and online learning – these are the characteristics which make Skill Study an industry leader in virtual education.

Mission: Providing professionals with the best online education for business, finance, and Information Technology.


Choose a Course

Students can choose courses which are essential to their field of work or business venture. These courses range from use of simple computer applications to business English. Courses offered cater to students of different levels, so students can take classes appropriate to their level of knowledge. Choose from Business, Banking, Finance and Information Technology.

Pace Yourself

Busy with work? No worries. Skill Study courses are self-paced. Peruse learning materials at a time that is convenient to you.

Bring Your School with You

Training no longer has to be confined in the four walls of a classroom. With your laptop or mobile device, access Skill Study for a borderless learning experience.